Does Bamboo Shrink? Exploring the Truth Behind this Common Misconception

does bamboo shrink

You’ve acquired your first set of bamboo sheets with bamboo viscose pajamas and are in awe. They are very soft to the touch, temperature-regulating, and eco-friendly, so you can use them confidently. You’re sleeping better than ever and won’t switch back to cotton bedding.

But as we’ve discovered, even brand-new bed linens require cleaning about once every week. However, you’re unsure if the sheets will shrink in the washer or dryer. So, if you’re looking for solutions, you’ve come to the correct place.

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink

If you ask if bamboo sheets shrink, the fast response is yes. Bamboo sheets are more likely to shrink in the wash than conventional cotton sheets. Bamboo fabric, in general, and bamboo fibers, in particular, shrink. As a result, bamboo towels, pillows, and other bamboo items frequently experience modest shrinkage when washing.

However, you can take more than a few steps to prevent shrinking when washing and drying bamboo bedding.

Wash Bamboo Sheets

Even though cleaning your bed linens may seem straightforward, there are many things to remember. With various temperatures, different textiles perform well. For multiple types of materials, different cycles are advised. Some fabrics demand a pre-soaking step. Stains, what about them? Can you wash them with other clothes? Can I use cleaning goods and bleach?

Look At the Care Tag

These various factors must be understood and handled to wash and dry your bamboo bedding correctly. The first step in cleaning any bedding or cloth is to read the proper care instructions on the tag.

Hot Or Cold?

If you are discerning about whether can you wash bamboo pillows or not. We advise soaking your linens in lukewarm water before putting them in the washing machine. This makes cleaning easier and may aid in stain removal.

The best method for washing and drying bamboo sheets is in cold water. Overheating can cause the bamboo cloth to shrink much more than it already will, especially while drying.

Bamboo material should only be washed in cool water, even though most typical bedding fabrics can endure high temperatures and warm water. When washing bamboo sheets, you may feel good about your environmental impact because cold water is better for the environment.

Does Bamboo Clothing Shrink and What Causes It?

An excessive amount of washing and drying will weaken the bamboo fabric. This will happen due to the fibers in the clothing shrinking and twisting.
There are two reasons why garments shrink after poor washing:

An obscene amount of water was used during the drying or washing cycles. Your clothing might shrink substantially if too much water is utilized during a process. This typically happens if too much water is left on the fabric after washing or if you don’t dry your clothes in a dryer.

The more frequently diaphanous materials are exposed to excessive moisture, the weaker they get due to a lack of strength and the easier they are to rip.

The detergent buildup in the garment or fabric. Detergents can cause excess water to sit in the material for long periods. A buildup will make it harder for the fabric to absorb water, causing it to shrink and weaken when rewashed.

Does Bamboo Shrink in Dryer?

Bamboo, like any natural material, can experience changes in size when exposed to different moisture levels. When bamboo loses moisture, it can contract and decrease in size. So, if bamboo is subjected to a dryer or a dry environment, it can shrink temporarily.

However, it’s important to note that once the bamboo is exposed to moisture again, it will regain its original size.

This temporary shrinkage is reversible and does not result in permanent damage to the bamboo. To minimize the effects of moisture-related size changes, it’s advisable to avoid subjecting bamboo to extreme dryness for prolonged periods and to maintain a balanced moisture environment when using and storing bamboo products.

How To Wash Bamboo Sheets by Avoiding Bamboo Shrinkage?

Reduce the amount of water required by using only a little water to avoid the bamboo shrinking as it is being cleaned. Your garments or bedding are less likely to shrink the less water is used.

Use Cold Water

Always use cold water to wash Bamboo Sheets. Because more cotton in the fabric softens and expands when hot or warm water is used to clean it, it is more likely to shrink when it comes into touch with cold water during the rinse cycles.

If you wash them at a low temperature, your materials will stay durable and see less shrinkage. Any wash cycle should have water that is around 86°F (30°C) in temperature.


Reduce the detergent you use, or use a washer with a smaller loading capacity if you discover that your clothing is shrinking during the wash cycle. The materials might become damaged rapidly if you use too much detergent and a considerable load.


Keep your clothing in its original packaging until you’re ready to iron or hang it outside to dry. This will aid in preventing any fabric shrinking that can happen during storage and ironing.


Ensure adequate ventilation while storing materials that may shrink, such as bedding. You can avoid any problems with shrinkage and damage to the item by being careful about how you hold it.

No Fabric Softener

Never dry your clothes with dryer sheets or fabric softeners since they may build muck on the cotton or bamboo. Your clothing may clump or ball up due to the buildup, making drying more difficult and may result in uneven drying.

Air Drying

Never use a dryer to dry any bamboo-based clothing; always air dries them. The fabrics will remain sturdy and be protected from any harm during the drying process by air drying.

Ways To Prevent Bamboo Clothing from Shrinking

Here are some suggestions to assist in preventing your bamboo clothing from shrinking in case you’ve lost the manufacturer’s instructions:

  • Use cold water to wash your bamboo garments. Shrinkage may occur as a result of the fibers contracting in hot water.
  • Do not twist or wring out your bamboo garments. Additionally, this may cause shrinking and harm the fibers.
  • To dry, hang your bamboo garments. The bamboo cloth becomes significantly weaker while wet. Therefore, if at all possible, avoid placing it in the dryer.
  • Use the lowest setting while ironing your bamboo apparel. Because the bamboo fabric is heat-sensitive, avoid overheating the iron.
  • Keep your bamboo garments in a dry, superb location. When not in use, keep it dry to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.


In conclusion, the belief that bamboo shrinks are a misconception that has persisted over time. As a unique and remarkable material, bamboo undergoes temporary size changes due to its interaction with environmental factors, primarily moisture.

However, it’s essential to understand that these fluctuations are reversible, and bamboo always returns to its original size when conditions stabilize.

To ensure the longevity of bamboo products, proper treatment and processing techniques are crucial. By debunking this misconception, we can fully appreciate the resilience and sustainability that bamboo brings to our lives with the Care of Your Baby’s Bamboo Clothes.

So, let’s embrace bamboo as the resilient super grass it truly is!


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