Story About Zack & Gio Children’s Boutique

Zack & Gio Children’s Boutique was born at the beginning of 2022 all thanks to a new momma of two boys.She had a passion for creating something new where all moms could style their kids with the best quality, personalized custom designs, and matching styles.It all began because of a boy mom wanting to have just as much fun dressing her boys as she would’ve if she had girls.Therefore, the founder of Zack & Gio Designs, Zelina Nilaj is a wife, mother of two, daughter, and sister.Zelina had been a healthcare worker and supply chain leader for over 18 years in Tampa Florida before fully committing her focus to grow her passion for Zack & Gio.Once Zelina became a mother of two boys she decided it was time to open a new chapter in her life while working full-time from home and fully immerse herself into the future of Zack & Gio.Zelina is a true example of a hard-working mother, supporting wife, and successful woman to do it all. Zack & Gio has been a dream come true for Zelina and she could never imagine her life without the support of her family. Creating is a passion that she will forever embrace in herself and all her children.Zack & Gio Children's boutique is committed to providing fun fashion, high organic quality products, and adorable boutique children's pajamas.Every single item found on our site is carefully designed and examined before shipment to ensure your purchase is loved by parents and their families.Zelina truly understands a mother’s struggle trying to match two boys, dressing them with fun matching outfits, and making it memorable for the parents.Thank you to all of the loyal and loving moms, family members, and supporting new customers who believe in this mom's dream.A little dream can become reality through hard work, dedication, support, and love from other moms.Made by a mom, for all moms!Owner
Zelina Nilaj
Zack & Gio Designs